Work fields

  1. Designing and construction of telephone sewerage
  2. Designing, lining, testing, installation and repair of cables of communication
  3. Designing, construction, testing and installation of fiber-optical communication lines
  4. Designing and modernization of existing communication systems and telecommunications
  5. Designing and installation of local networks of a cable television
  6. Designing and installation of ligtning protection for buildings and constructions, certification of grounding devices.
  7. Designing and installation of systems of the security-fire signal system, video observation, the speech notification and the control of access
  8. Designing and installation of cable systems
  9. Designing and installation of digital and analog video observation systems, systems of satellite TV and the Internet

Our objects

Telecommunication objects in collaboration with SIA Citrus Solutions More than 292 project decisions and more than 1030 objects are developed and reconstructed