Our services

  1. Telecommunication, internal and external networks - solutions, designing, constructing, maintenance

    - external cable sewerage
    - external and internal optic networks
    - computer and telephone networks
    - fire extinguishing and video observation systems
    - Security alarm and access control systems
    - Measurement, repair and certification of existing networks

  2. Buildings and constructions protection against thunderstorm - projecting, installation and maintenance

    - Protection of cottages and private houses
    - Protection of apartment houses and industrial premises
    - Protection of connection objects and buildings highly sensitive to lightning
    - Certification of grounding devices

  3. Water supply and sewerage - Construction, service and repair

    - Pressure head, самотечная, drainage and storm water drains
    - Networks of water supply and fire extinguish
    - Installation of underground and ground clearing constructions
         For clearing of economic-household sewage,
         For clearing storm petrocontaining sewage
         Clearing constructions for car washes
         Separators of fats
    - Installation of sewerage-pump stations
    - Installation and installation of independent water drains

  4. Boreholes up to 200m, for drinking water and heating

    - Well-boring using steel, corrosion-proof and plastic PVC pipes
    - Mainenance and repairment of existing holes
    - Supply to the house and installation of the equipment for an automatic water collection from the hole

  5. Trenchess lining of all kinds of communications.
     - Using pneumopunches, technology of Terra-Hammer
     - Using a mobile complex of horizontal-directed drilling

  6. Basement laying for private houses, industrial facilities and containers.

  7. Ground works with an excavator and miniexcavator

    - digging of tranches for all kinds of communications
    - digging of foundation ditches, ponds

Our objects

Telecommunication objects in collaboration with SIA Citrus Solutions More than 292 project decisions and more than 1030 objects are developed and reconstructed