About the company

SIA MCB Būve took start in Latvian market in October 31, 2005. Laying, repairment, assembling, and measurement of connection lines and telecommunication has become the main workfield. The main partner was SIA Citrus Solutions - daughter enterprise of leading Latvian telecommunication supplier SIA Lattelecom.

Gradually our company broadened its workfield. Thus, in May 2006 new department for telecommunication projects was created. In May 2207 we offered our clients boring the holes up to 200 m for drinking water supply and heating.
In the end of year 2007 we started offering our clients layng, assembling and repairing water-pipes and sewerage systems.
In June 2008 we offered foundation building for industrial premises and apartment houses
In July 2008 we started offering ground works with excavators - digging, building the foundation pits, trenches and ponds.

Our objects

Telecommunication objects in collaboration with SIA Citrus Solutions More than 292 project decisions and more than 1030 objects are developed and reconstructed